Mum Guilt – Riddling Through My Funny Bones

Pretty much every Mum will feel guilt for the things they cannot provide their children. We all know that loveable childhood book ‘Funnybones’, well guilt can lie within every part of us, bubbling away beneath the superficial surface layer. Why does Mum guilt exist? How can gentle parenting help us be at peace with it?Continue reading “Mum Guilt – Riddling Through My Funny Bones”

Whatever Happens – I Don’t Want to be Anything Like My Mother!

How many people say that ‘as long as I do the opposite of my Mum when raising my own children, my kids will be fine.’ I have a Mum who has narcissistic traits and I had fears of becoming like my Mum too. I disagree with the statement to do the opposite of your parents,Continue reading “Whatever Happens – I Don’t Want to be Anything Like My Mother!”

Help My Partner to Align With My Gentle Parenting Styles

When you start your gentle parenting journey, you quickly realise that simply doing the opposite of your parents or going with your gut reactions may not be the best way to parent. You soon become convinced this is the best way to raise your children as it helps build a strong connection between you andContinue reading “Help My Partner to Align With My Gentle Parenting Styles”

“But I’m Already A Gentle Parent”… Or Are You?

The above image represents how delicate our children’s hearts are, and how our parenting can shadow them for the many years to come. We are all experts in ourselves and our children and if you feel you are already the master of gentle parenting then great. Just take a minute to read what gentle parentingContinue reading ““But I’m Already A Gentle Parent”… Or Are You?”