Mixed Feelings: Brain Development and the 5-7 Shift

What if it was mostly thanks to our relationship with our parents that we grow into mature and lovely grown ups… or, the opposite, our parents prevented our brains from developing to their full potential which turned us into immature people who react in the moment? If this is true, then we have a dutyContinue reading “Mixed Feelings: Brain Development and the 5-7 Shift”

Oh, The Tears! “I Don’t Want To Die EVER!”

You may have read my previous post about my own fear of death, which the early COVID situation brought to the surface frequently. I had just about turned my life around to being healthier, with the aim of living as long as possible, when my daughter was extremely sad about the prospect of her ownContinue reading “Oh, The Tears! “I Don’t Want To Die EVER!””

Feeling Like a ‘Normal’ Family – Except, What’s Normal Anyway!

Wow, it’s only been since April this year that I first took the petrifying steps of taking my 3 toddlers out alone. Such a lot has changed in only 6 months. I have built my confidence so much in managing all 3 kids alone, that I have made several quite risky ventures with them inContinue reading “Feeling Like a ‘Normal’ Family – Except, What’s Normal Anyway!”

Sibling Rivalry: One On One Time

I frequently see the recommendation of one-on-one time on the gentle parenting forums, as a response to any difficulties people are having with their children. ‘When you have a new child, you should ensure frequent one-on-one time with your children.’ By this, they mean taking the child out somewhere exciting and doing an activity awayContinue reading “Sibling Rivalry: One On One Time”

Thumb Sucking Poem: The Little Comforter

I’ve been through the roller coaster of emotions regarding my daughter’s thumb sucking habit. It has been one of the toughest triggers for me, which I found new methods to help me deal with those tough emotions. Although I’m in a much better place about it, I still sometimes mess up by saying things likeContinue reading “Thumb Sucking Poem: The Little Comforter”

The Good Enough Parent by School of Life Book Review

I’m honoured to have been offered The Good Enough Parent book to write a review about before it’s released. The title was very exciting for me whilst I waited for it to arrive. I imagined it to fill me with confidence that our kids will still turn out happy enough without us being perfect. MyContinue reading “The Good Enough Parent by School of Life Book Review”

Life Changing Question: Who Should We Hang Out With?

This feels like the first life changing question my gut instinct doesn’t help me answer. Is it beneficial to hang around with other people who are not gentle in parenting or teaching style? Will exposing my 3 young children to, in my opinion, unhealthy emotional or physical situations cause any harm? On the flip side,Continue reading “Life Changing Question: Who Should We Hang Out With?”

Let Me Rest In Peace, My Gentle Dad

I’ve been thinking about my Dad a lot recently. Sometimes I read through previous poems to help identify and release my feelings about his death. I found this poem I wrote around a year ago. I realised how many other like minded parents view that you should not let your emotions be affected by anotherContinue reading “Let Me Rest In Peace, My Gentle Dad”

Book Reviews for Young Children: Usborne One Hundred Illustrated Stories Book

I have had this book ‘One Hundred Illustrated Stories’ for some time and we dip in and out of it. Why is it so useful for having in a safe place in the house? What sort of stories does it have? Would I recommend this book for toddlers? This blog post looks at these questions.Continue reading “Book Reviews for Young Children: Usborne One Hundred Illustrated Stories Book”

I Managed To Take 3 Young Children Out Alone, Safely

We finally did it! I managed to safely take our 4 year 3 month old, and 2 year 7 month old twins out alone. Why? How? What would I do differently? Most importantly, would I do it again? This blog post answers these questions. What Stopped Me Going Out When the twins were newborn andContinue reading “I Managed To Take 3 Young Children Out Alone, Safely”