Book Reviews for Young Children: Usborne One Hundred Illustrated Stories Book

I have had this book ‘One Hundred Illustrated Stories’ for some time and we dip in and out of it. Why is it so useful for having in a safe place in the house? What sort of stories does it have? Would I recommend this book for toddlers? This blog post looks at these questions.Continue reading “Book Reviews for Young Children: Usborne One Hundred Illustrated Stories Book”

I Managed To Take 3 Young Children Out Alone, Safely

We finally did it! I managed to safely take our 4 year 3 month old, and 2 year 7 month old twins out alone. Why? How? What would I do differently? Most importantly, would I do it again? This blog post answers these questions. What Stopped Me Going Out When the twins were newborn andContinue reading “I Managed To Take 3 Young Children Out Alone, Safely”

Book Reviews for Young Children: Usborne’s 100 Things to Know About… Series of Books

After writing my last post about the Alice in Wonderland graphic novel book, I received a notification that there is a special sales price on a mutli-series of ‘100 Things To Know About’ books published by Usborne. I had already purchased the ‘100 Things to Know About The Human Body’, mostly out of a personalContinue reading “Book Reviews for Young Children: Usborne’s 100 Things to Know About… Series of Books”

Book Reviews for Young Children: Alice in Wonderland Graphic Novel

Since we are now 100% commited to being homeschooling parents, I have become obsessed with finding all possible educational, interesting and factual books for my children. Part of this is the fear that they’ll fall behind if I don’t have sufficient resources to educate my children on things I may not have even thought about.Continue reading “Book Reviews for Young Children: Alice in Wonderland Graphic Novel”

The Fear of Physical Hurting Your Children

As a child my Mum used physical force and fear to try and control my behaviour, or perhaps to release her frustration. I forgive my Mum of this as it’s just her traumas surfacing and she did not find a way to deal with them. I also know how stressful it can be when yourContinue reading “The Fear of Physical Hurting Your Children”

Poem About Working Through Childhood Trauma

My last blog post was about dealing with my childhood trauma by releasing my fears. I wrote that post hopeful that I wouldn’t find myself re-triggered by my daughter’s thumb sucking. I had a few moments where I felt overwhelmed again, and I went back through the process written in my last blog post. IContinue reading “Poem About Working Through Childhood Trauma”

Dealing With Your Own Childhood Traumas: When You Feel Fear

The ultimate emotion caused by childhood trauma is fear (for example see this research paper). With that in mind, how do we determine what our fears are when we feel triggered by our children? Any gentle parents who have been working through their childhood traumas know that their triggers are caused by their own traumas.Continue reading “Dealing With Your Own Childhood Traumas: When You Feel Fear”

“She Doesn’t Listen to Anything We Say!”

This is a conversation starter my husband has had with me at least once… or twice… or more! This blog post is a reminder about the aim of gentle parenting and why we should not let our children’s inability to listen when we want them to sway us from our hard work. First, we debateContinue reading ““She Doesn’t Listen to Anything We Say!””

Poem: Premature Twin in Intensive Care

Having one twin in intensive care, while you and the other twin are in another place, is simply soul destroying. You have overwhelming pain that make it nearly impossible to move without help. This makes it impossible to go and visit your twin in intensive care very much. You have to convince yourself that theContinue reading “Poem: Premature Twin in Intensive Care”

Gentle Parenting View on Sharing / Turn Taking

When I had just one child, I naturally wanted her to share with others. I felt that was the expectation of those around me, and I guess I was raised with the view that sharing with others was a good thing. When the twins arrived, I soon discovered forcing one child to share is likeContinue reading “Gentle Parenting View on Sharing / Turn Taking”